Find out what it takes to install underfloor heating in your home, how much it costs, and what are the benefits of this type of room heating.


Since the height of underfloor heating installations is from 10 to 12 cm, this means that the carpentry just needs to be lifted from the panel. From this condition it follows that underfloor heating is easier to install in the construction phase than in the completed objects. To this height, there is a foundation, a pipe, a conductive layer and a finishing coating. Styrofoam can be used as a substrate in combination with reinforcing mesh or finished styrotherm plates with pipe ducts.

The basic advantage of floor heating in relation to the radiator is that it requires much lower water temperature.

Ceramic, marble or granite is recommended as the final substrate for underfloor heating because these materials are very good conductors of heat. Also, two-layer or three-layer parquet can be installed. Solid wood parquet is not recommended as it can cause its dissolving, and therefore the parquet.
The recommended flow temperature for underfloor heating is 35 to 40 degrees, which gives us an optimal temperature of about 28 degrees on the surface itself. Underfloor heating is excellent if the power source is a heat pump that has good utilization in low temperature modes.

The time for which floor heating can be done is one to two days per apartment of average square. For larger squares, it takes a day longer.
The underfloor heating system is tested by air with 3 bar pressures for half an hour – an hour, and maybe even more.
It is good to be filled with liquid before making the working layer …


The basic advantage of underfloor heating in relation to the radiator is that it requires a much lower water temperature (max. 40 degrees or as much as it takes the user to warm) but also does not occupy space and the walls remain free. Also, the floor diverter keeps the temperature for a long time which means it can pass in a couple of hours without switching on the boiler to reach room temperature.


The price of underfloor heating can range from 20 to 40 euros per square meter and depends on which pipes and the substrate are used, and whether the temperature and flow control for each room is individually or only one control for the whole object.