Radiator heating is where radiators (which can be panel, aluminum or some similar) or heating bodies are connected to copper tubes or to Al-Pex pipes. It can also be combined with underfloor heating.


Heating with radiators belongs to classic heating systems. Regarding the way the pipe installation is installed, there are systems:

  • Classic radiator heating systems
  • Hidden radiator heating systems
  • Combined heating systems

Classic radiator systems

The installation of the conventional radiator system is done after the final finishing works. The pipe installation can be copper and steel pipes. With such a system, repairs in installations are easily feasible, and the biggest drawback is the aesthetic appearance because the radiator tubes are visible.

Hidden radiator systems

With such a heating system, in the first place is functionality and attractiveness. Pipe installations are placed in a concrete layer of concrete or a layer of mortar on the walls and are completely invisible. This heating system should be installed before the laying layer (floor covering) is installed. It is necessary to isolate the pipes in order to reduce the loss of heat. Pipes are copper or al – plex tubes.

Combined radiator systems

The combined system is a combination of radiator and underfloor heating. It is carried out in rooms where it has large glass surfaces or it is a cold floor covering made of stone or ceramics.