We serve and maintain furnaces – boilers and burners on pellets:

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Pellet stoves are an efficient and inexpensive way of heating your living or business space.
It features an extremely small amount of exhaust gases, so the space in which it is placed will be guaranteed to be clean.
Using the digital programming capability, the start time of the heating and extinguishing of the furnace, as well as the temperature, is determined.
For the operation of these stoves there is no need of a boiler room, as well as a chimney, so that you can place them without any problems in your living or business premises.
You will be surprised how much energy savings will be made using these types of furnaces.
The power range of the pellet is 10 to 35 kW

  • High percentage of energy and heat efficiency
  • The combustion process itself is more efficient than conventional solid fuels
  • Ecological aspect
  • Reduced emission of harmful gases compared to the combustion of other solid fuels
  • Easy to clean the boiler
  • Pellet burning ash in its structure is considerably easier to clean than ash and wood

Pellet stoves are a unique blend of cutting edge design and state-of-the-art technology. Purchase and exploitation of these products
You show that you take care of environmental protection and contribute to the fight against global warming.
The advantage is simple and easy to use, the minimum amount of ash in combustion, high efficiency, fully automated operation …
there are only some of the advantages of the pellet furnace and the pellet stove.


Pellet burners are ideal solutions for new and already built boilers on solid fuel. It is characterized by fast assembly, small dimensions, reliable operation, easy transition from pellets to solid fuel and solid fuel to pellet, fully automated dosing, bumping, cleaning, burning. Very precise adjustment of the desired temperature in the boiler and the room itself,
high utilization rate, maximum comfort of filling tank for up to 10 days without addition, minimum quantity of ash … (power range
from 15 to 500 kW). Possibility of connecting room thermostats. The burners are fully automated.